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How to Determine if a Parent is Unfit for Custody in Alabama

Custody disputes are, without a doubt, the hardest part of a divorce or split. Every parent wants to have time with their child and be a deciding factor in the big decisions of their child’s life. While no parent is perfect and every parent makes mistakes, in terms of deciding custody, there are specific factors […]

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Alabama State Representative Kenneth Paschal Seeks to Protect Parental Rights

As of the 12th of January, Alabama State Rep. Kenneth Paschal (R-Pelham) has pre-filed a bill which he claims will secure parental rights as “fundamental.” Parental rights are currently considered “ordinary rights” in the state of Alabama. If this bill is passed and parental rights are deemed “fundamental rights”, the state government would need to […]

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Fault vs. No-Fault Divorces in Alabama

There are many reasons why a couple can make the difficult decision to end their marriage by divorce. Sometimes there was a specific event or series of events that made a spouse reconsider their choices, and sometimes a relationship breaks down over time. Sometimes two spouses come to realize that they’re simply incompatible. In Alabama, […]

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What to Know About the Termination of Parental Rights in Alabama

No one wants to talk about it, but there are times when the Alabama courts may have to step in and terminate an individual’s parental rights. The courts may terminate these rights if the parent fails to provide a safe environment or support the child. These situations are uncommon, but they can devastate those facing […]

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