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Whether your marriage has lasted for several decades or only a few months, you are vulnerable in an Alabama divorce proceeding. A skilled Cullman County divorce lawyer can help protect your relationship with your children, your hard-earned assets, and your financial future.

Trust the Hankey Law Firm to guide you through the divorce process, from the initial petition to the final orders. We will vigorously defend your rights at the negotiating table and in court, fighting to help you secure an outcome favorable to you and your children’s interests.

Requirements to File for Divorce in Cullman County

Ending your marriage through divorce begins with the filing of a divorce petition. You can file a petition seeking a divorce if your spouse resides in Alabama or if you have been a bona fide resident of the state for the previous six months.

Your case can be filed in the 32nd judicial circuit, which covers Cullman County, if that is where either you or your spouse resides.

Once a divorce case commences, the court will enter various orders that will culminate in the dissolution of your marriage. Some of the issues a court will decide on include:

  • Any temporary orders necessary to safeguard the parties, their children, and their assets
  • An equitable division of the parties’ assets and debts
  • Child custody and child support
  • Whether one party should receive spousal support from the other
  • If the court should grant the divorce and, if so, on what grounds

Entrust the preparation and filing of your divorce petition to the Hankey Law Firm. Our attorney Shelbie Hankey has years of experience helping residents of Cullman, Blount, Winston, Madison, and Morgan counties file for divorce.

After reviewing your circumstances, we will help you determine the most appropriate court in Alabama to file your petition. We will seek temporary orders and permanent relief to which you are entitled that can help you navigate this difficult time in your life. Call our firm today for prompt, professional assistance.

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

Alabama law requires you to wait 30 days after you file your petition before the court grants your divorce. This not only allows your spouse to answer your petition, but also allows you to consider whether you wish to proceed with the divorce.

Therefore, your divorce will take at least 30 days to complete. Your divorce can take longer, though, if you and your spouse cannot agree on resolving certain issues. Divorces tend to take longer when:

  • You and your spouse have young children in common
  • One spouse has significantly more personal assets or earning potential than the other
  • You cannot locate your spouse to serve them with divorce papers

Our experienced Cullman County family law attorney will work expeditiously to move your case through the court system. We will always strive for quality representation for speed, however. The outcome of your case is as important to us as achieving that outcome promptly.

Why You Need the Services of an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Cullman

Whether you want to file for divorce or have received a divorce petition from your spouse, the Hankey Law Firm can assist you. Our team takes pride in compassionately yet firmly guiding our clients through a divorce process that can be confusing and intimidating.

Contact the Hankey Law Firm today to discuss your divorce case and legal needs with us.