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How To Get an Annulment in Alabama

Many unhappy spouses, in moments of anger, claim their marriages are mistakes. They may even go as far as wishing their marriage had never happened. Getting an annulment in Alabama can make a marriage “disappear,” but in the eyes of the law, simply declaring a marriage a “mistake” is not necessarily grounds for an annulment. …

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How Will My Divorce Affect My Estate Plan in Alabama?

Divorce and estate planning go hand in hand. While the number of divorces in Alabama and Cullman County is down from 6.1 to 3.6 in 1,000 people, this doesn’t make it any easier for those going through proceedings. You planned a life with your spouse, shared assets and planned your estate around “happily ever after.”…

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How Does Adultery Affect Divorce in Alabama?

Adultery and divorce add to the sorrow and pain you’re feeling. The dreams and aspirations of the marriage may be over, but you still have one thing left to do: go through the divorce proceedings. If you have children, you may even need to maintain a relationship with your soon-to-be ex. We're going to detail…

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Who Gets the Business in an Alabama Divorce?

One of the most complicated and emotionally charged facets of a divorce is the division of assets. If a spouse owns a business, several factors will come into play when determining distribution and whether the non-owning spouse must be equitably compensated. Often, the first question divorcing spouses have is: Who gets the business in a…

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Understanding Marital Property in Alabama

Getting a divorce is never easy, even when the decision is mutual. This is the person you’ve made a life with—and with whom you intended to spend your old age. Life happens, of course, and divorce is one of those life issues that can leave you reeling. When children are involved, many divorces become even…

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