What is an Adoption Attorney & Why Do I Need One?

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When you adopt, an adoption attorney is required to complete the legal services throughout the entire process. If you work with an adoption agency, you often have the choice of going with an attorney that they recommend or finding one for yourself. Regardless of which route you decide to take, it is essential to recognize that an adoption attorney is necessary to ensure that you are abiding by all adoption law.

Independent Adoptions & Adoption Attorneys

When the birth parents and the adoptive family find each other without the involvement of an adoption professional, this is also referred to as an independent adoption. Essentially, this is eliminating the need for an adoption agency to interfere, however, an adoption attorney is still required. If you decide that you would like to go this route, consult with a family law attorney from the very beginning, as this can help avoid any missteps in the legal process.

Differences Between Adoption Attorneys

The services provided by adoption lawyers vary depending on their client’s situation. While many of these legal professionals provide the same general services, they may also provide additional services that are not provided by other attorneys. Before moving forward with an adoption attorney, consult with them to verify that they are a good fit for your particular case.

Why are Adoption Attorneys Necessary?

The adoption process is governed by various laws and regulations. This process requires careful preparation and proper paperwork. The sheer amount of legalities and specifics that must be navigated through for adoption can be overwhelming. While this is a stressful process, there are plenty of good reasons to consider adoption. Plus, adoption attorneys are here to help you through it.

The role of an adoption attorney is to help guide clients through the complicated legal issues that may occur during the adoption process. This individual is essential to the development of the adoption, but may not be a formal part of the adoption team.

Depending on your specific case, an adoption attorney may simply draw up the proper paperwork and establish everything for you, but may not be present in the finalization steps. Or, they may need to step in as legal representation in a court of law should the adoption be facing some outstanding circumstances.

Adoption Attorneys & Your Case

There are pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, ups and downs, to every adoption. In all cases, there is at least some form of benefit that can be attained by utilizing the help of an adoption attorney. Proceeding through adoption without an agency is possible but not ideal, whereas proceeding through adoption without an attorney is entirely impossible. Knowing how to choose an adoption attorney can be overwhelming, but Hankey Family Law Services is here to help.

Hankey Law Firm Adoption Attorneys

Adoption attorneys are specialists who have expertise in family law. They handle all aspects of the legal process, from initial consultation to final adoption, and everything in between. If you find yourself in need of an adoption attorney, or have been searching for “adoption attorneys near me,” reach out to Hankey Law Firm today. Our team of family law experts is ready and able to help you with your case.