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You deserve a Cullman divorce attorney who understands the heartache, pain, and emotions of divorce. Discussing the division of assets, child custody, and/or child support with someone that you had planned to stay with for the rest of your life is not easy.

Most marriages that end do so in 8 years. Your marriage may have been shorter or longer. The more intertwined your lives are, such as having kids, retirement accounts, businesses, or real estate, the more complex your divorce will be.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Divorce Services You Can Trust

Since 2004, we’ve helped clients just like you through divorces with favorable outcomes. We can help with most divorce-related matters, including:

Division of Assets

We’ll act as your advocate, discussing all areas of divorce and ensuring that your best interests are kept in mind when dividing assets. Oftentimes, one spouse will push for more than a fair share of assets and may deceive the other party into acceptance.

We’re here to assist in the division of assets, uncover any hidden assets, and negotiate the best deal possible for you.

Child Custody

Children complicate divorce. You’re fighting for more than assets when a child is involved, and it’s almost always best to keep both parents in the child’s life. We’ll work with the judge to:

  • Negotiate in the best interests of the child
  • Secure the optimal custody agreement for you
  • Allow you to remain in the child’s life

We aim to help you find a middle-ground on custody that both you and your ex can agree on.

Child Support

Do you expect to pay or receive child support? If one parent has a higher custody percentage, the opposing spouse may have to pay more in child support. We’ll be by your side, helping crunch the numbers and negotiating for fair payments.

Spousal Support/Alimony

Alimony may be a part of your divorce settlement and can last for a number of years. In some cases, alimony payments are terminated early. Depending on the circumstances, there may even be a chance of alimony lasting longer than just five years.

We can walk you through spousal support discussions.

Do you need a Cullman divorce attorney who will fight for your assets, custody and support rights?

Contact us immediately to learn how we can make your divorce as stress-free as possible.

When Is it Time to Finally Get a Divorce?

The decision to get divorced, just like the decision to get married, is a personal one. However, there may be signs that it’s time to finally get a divorce.

Divorce may be inevitable if:

  • You find yourself actively avoiding your spouse
  • You have lost all trust and respect for your partner
  • You’re only staying together for the sake of the kids
  • You and your spouse are no longer communicating
  • You feel disconnected and not supported by your spouse

Finally, if you’re already thinking about separation, it may be time for divorce.

How Can You Approach Your Spouse About Getting a Divorce?

When one spouse is considering divorce, it means that the marriage has broken down and emotions are running high. 

Even if it seems like divorce is inevitable, approaching your spouse about the subject can be difficult. Your spouse may feel blindsided, hurt or any other number of emotions.

It’s important to remain calm and choose your timing wisely. You may have anger towards your spouse, but shouting or yelling won’t lead to a constructive resolution. Instead:

  • Take the time to plan out what you will say and everything you want to address. 
  • Practice your speech so that you can remain in an emotionally neutral state when you finally speak with your spouse.
  • Use “I” and “we” when you explain your reasoning for divorce. Statements such as, “You’re never around, so I’m feeling lonely,” can feel like a personal attack and may make your spouse more defensive.

Your partner may very well feel angry or betrayed once you explain that you want a divorce. Be prepared for their emotional response and do not let their emotions frustrate you.

Do your best to remain calm and allow your spouse to express their thoughts and opinions without interruption. Doing so will help them feel respected and heard.

There is no ideal time to have a discussion about divorce. However, consider waiting until you and your spouse have time to talk in a private place without the kids around. 

Once you have broached the subject of divorce, it’s important to seek out an experienced Cullman divorce attorney who can guide you through the rest of the proceedings. 

It may take some time for your spouse to accept your decision. Allow them some time to make a decision and come to terms with your desire to get a divorce.

How Long Could My Divorce Take?

In Alabama, the length of divorce proceedings will depend on a variety of factors, including whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

The Code of Alabama § 30-2-8.1 states that a final judgment of divorce cannot be entered until at least 30 days have passed since the filing of the summons and complaint.

However, if the divorce is contested, the proceedings can drag on for many weeks or months. The more complex the case and the greater the conflict between the couple, the longer the process will likely take.

Working with an experienced attorney can help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Hiring a Cullman Divorce Attorney Near You

If you’re in the process of going through a divorce, you need an experienced Cullman divorce attorney on your side.

Hankey Law Firm has been advocating for clients since 2004. We take a client-centric approach to our practice to help our clients achieve the most favorable outcome.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your situation.