Searching for “Divorce Lawyer Near Me?” Hankey Law Firm Can Help

Have you been searching for a “divorce lawyer near me?” While we do not often go into a marriage anticipating its ending, statistics show that divorce happens more than we may realize. In fact, nearly half of all marriages end up in a divorce.

The circumstances surrounding each divorce may be incredibly different, and applying a one-size-fits-all solution may not be the best approach. Often, when the end of a marriage looms near and the waters start to get murky with various demands and claims, the search for a “Divorce Lawyer Near Me” begins.

What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do?

A divorce lawyer is a unique specialty within the law field, as this particular niche can be wrought with emotional turmoil. Not only this, but the outcomes of divorce cases can have deep, lasting effects on everyone’s lives involved. Divorce law can be intertwined with many other factors, such as child protective services, violent behaviors, substance abuse, and more. These all carry their own laws, and deciphering what is accurate and determining appropriate retribution for what is owed. To put it another way, a divorce lawyer will assist with figuring out the best path for your divorce case to take, and keeping it heading in the right direction.

Why Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer Near Me?

Still find yourself asking, “Why do I need a divorce lawyer?” With such a large number of divorces occurring, combined with changes in laws to allow for no-fault divorces, it can get confusing to figure out what needs to be done and when. A lawyer who specializes in these matters can ensure that the proper steps are taken to finalize your divorce as efficiently as possible.

Whether your divorce is contested or not, you stand to benefit from hiring a local divorce lawyer to assist you through the process. When the feelings are mutual and the divorce is amicable, a divorce lawyer can inform you of the correct paperwork that needs to be completed, the items you will need to have on hand to process the divorce, and can even assist with writing out the request properly. If all of this is handled by a professional from the start, it can move things along a lot faster.

However, when your divorce is contested, it can get pretty tricky pretty quickly. If there are additional considerations that need to be made and agreements that need to be reached, the process can last a lot longer. Coming to agreeable terms in regard to child custody and child support can prove to be seemingly impossible. Divvying up belongings and how to split the finances and who keeps the house and who gets the dog, all of these are considerations that must be addressed before a divorce can be finalized.

Regardless of if your divorce is entirely mutual or if it is a controversial and contested divorce, hiring a local divorce lawyer can be beneficial. At the very least, your lawyer will help you with navigating the difficulties of divorce laws and requirements. If more negotiation is needed, you can trust that your lawyer will fight for your best interests.

Hankey Law Firm – The Answer to the Search for “Divorce Lawyer Near Me”

At Hankey Law Firm, we understand that divorces are emotional and tumultuous times. We aim to help alleviate this by providing guidance throughout your divorce. Hankey Law Divorce Services include contested and non-contested divorces, child support and child custody, paternity actions, and much more. Need legal representation for your divorce case? Get in touch with Hankey Law Firm today!