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Are You Paying Too Much Child Support?

Child support is not set in stone, and it’s not just going to go up over time, either. Depending on how life goes, it may be possible to have child support lowered. When finances or situations change, it may necessitate paying a smaller amount each month than the previous payments. Though this needs to go […]

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How to Get Back on Your Feet Financially After a Divorce

While no one plans to fail, thousands of marriages end in divorce every year. These events create upheaval in a person’s life, affecting everything from their emotional well-being and social life to their finances. Moving on after a divorce can be the challenge of a lifetime—and for those who have relied on their spouses for […]

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How to Help Your Child Through a Divorce

Studies show that 41% of first marriages end in divorce. Ending an unhappy union may improve partners’ lives but can devastate children. Fortunately, there are ways to support children through divorce and help them avoid common problems after a breakup. Families can thrive despite difficulties when parents are supported, practice responsible co-parenting, and carefully guide […]

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Pros and Cons of Settlements Versus Trials

First and foremost, Hankey Law Firm is willing to fight for you and your case. Usually, every case has strengths and weaknesses and not all clients are going to be best served by going to trial. We will be upfront and honest with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case and let you […]

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The Divorce Checklist to Have Ready

Divorce is one of the most confusing legal circumstances, especially because it will be an introduction to the legal system for most people and it can become highly contested in some situations. When a divorce becomes necessary, getting started correctly can make a difference and help everything go smoother. Before filing, there are essential tasks […]

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