3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Local Family Law Attorney

People are bombarded by ads for large law firms on the daily. Be it billboards, commercials, ads on the web, a shoutout on the radio, or a feature in the newspaper, these advertising schemes lead people to believe that the big, commercial law firms with big resources are the people to turn to when you need results. However, that is seldom the case. When you need to turn to an attorney, it’s usually a sensitive time in your life, and you should know who you’re hiring. For the big, commercialized, TV law firms, the person you see on the screen is likely barely going to work on your case. For personalized representation from people you can trust, it’s best to hire a local law firm, and here’s why.

1. You Know Who You’re Hiring and You Have Access to Them

When you hire a commercialized law firm, you probably won’t have any idea who is actually working on your case. First, you’ll be handed off to the “case manager”, a person commercialized law firms hire to handle client interactions, who aren’t even lawyers. Next, your case will be handed off to a lawyer who you likely won’t ever meet with or even speak to. Even if that attorney is experienced and has a good reputation, it’s probable that most of the actual work on your case will be done by an inexperienced associate attorney “overseen” by that lawyer or a paralegal with limited supervision. You won’t be able to walk into their office and talk about your case. That’s why it’s better to turn to a local attorney with local results and local reviews. Local attorneys will be responsive and available to you when you need them, even if it’s just an update as to the status of your case. Local attorneys will be able to meet in person, unlike commercial law firms where you’d be lucky to have a phone call with the attorney in charge, and more likely to get a brief email. You won’t be funneled through a small satellite office of a corporate, commercial firm. Rather, you’ll walk into an established practice run by members of your local community who will meet with you and speak to you directly.

2. Local Resources, Local Connections, and Local Knowledge

Big names from commercial law firms only go so far with local courts, local judges, and local results. A local law firm will know who to turn to for help, including relationships with local investigators, local expert witnesses, local medical professionals, and local government agencies. Local law firms have worked with these people before, and know that they can be trusted to deliver positive results. Plus, a local attorney who is a member of your community will likely get better cooperation and results compared to a big name lawyer from somewhere else entirely. Moreover, local attorneys know other local attorneys, prosecutors, and judges, and they can put this firsthand knowledge to use to your advantage. These connections can lead to valuable insights and can help with strategy for your case. Not only does a local attorney know local law and local court rules, but they’ll know the judges, their pet peeves, and how to best present your case to them.

3. Local Reputation and Real, Local Results

Anybody with money can pay for a widespread marketing scheme across an area, but local reputations must be built, not bought. They’re achieved through years of positive outcomes and a good reputation in your local community. It’s much better to trust local reviews and recommendations from people in your own community and word of mouth endorsements within your trusted circle than what some stranger says on a screen. A local reputation can’t be bought or built quickly. They’re established through years of serving members of your community and delivering positive results.

Local Family Law Attorneys Ready to Fight for You

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